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Poona College of Pharmacy
Centre for Food Testing

Centre for Food Testing (CFT)

Public Testing Laboratory

Public Testing Laboratory (PTL)

Online Feedback

S.No. Feedback From Link
1. Student satisfaction Survey M.Pharm and Pharm D final year students https://forms.gle/ohEXmJJCqH4WSLrg6
2. Student satisfaction Survey- Research M.Pharm and Pharm D final year students https://forms.gle/fdg8A2jGpNmi6MgY8
3. Academic Feedback
  Final Year B.Pharm Student https://forms.gle/f64uP2QfNtdsuirm8
TY B.Pharm Student https://forms.gle/x8ocqpsm4zbBEj9F8
S.Y.B.Pharm Student https://forms.gle/x8ocqpsm4zbBEj9F8
F.Y.B.Pharm Student https://forms.gle/Hf6BcVX4VkUmCJGo6
F.Y. Pharm D Student https://forms.gle/iWmeSBtx3yQa5w4UA
Second YearPharm D Student https://forms.gle/qYLKT3T9Ax3KsszD7
Third YearPharm D Student https://forms.gle/qYSfsCxbmQQMjkEc6
Fourth YearPharm D Student https://forms.gle/XwRRv5khH2Pu6x4S9
Fifth Year Pharm D Student https://forms.gle/pYg4tnj6VtSTuHaY6
M.Pharm. Pharmaceutics Student https://forms.gle/sEZ2pBAxes5PsqUa7
M.Pharm. Pharmacology Student https://forms.gle/rKS5oj4XHU8L5TXf9
M.Pharmaceutical Chemistry Student https://forms.gle/KphVk8xHCduaadRk8
M.Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Student https://forms.gle/CvW6nGgWbchL4o3W7
4. Infrastructure and Curriculum Feedback Student https://forms.gle/yox6nEsbDjk3Xs7j8
5. Exit Survey Final year Student https://forms.gle/PnHg5G9GFjb1pN2k7
6. Teachers Feedback on Curriculum Teachers https://forms.gle/Lx6pCsLSMDcuSV5M8
7. Parents Parents https://forms.gle/5iaHKVqMa412vfjw6
8. Employer Feedback Employer https://forms.gle/svQXkLYUMC36BvdaA

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